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I offer the amount of $10.000 for being an extra in Star Wars or for participating in the movie on anything I can help.

(If who manages to put me into a Star Wars movie does not want my $10k,  I will donate them to a NGO of his o her choice).
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The background of a dream

I have enjoyed the Star Wars universe since I was a little kid, watching the movies, playing with its official toys, and fantasizing with battles between The Empire and the Rebels. More than 30 years later, the saga maintains some kind of magic that makes it special and unique. I love cinema and an idea has always been in my mind: to participate in the creation of a major film. With the recent news of the filming of Star Wars, that idea has turned into the dream, maybe unreachable, of helping to build something historical.

A man that does not feed on his dreams gets old soon.

William Shakespeare


Years chasing a dream

Dollars for my dream

Since I was young my dream has been to participate in Star Wars.


Countdown to fulfill my dream









I believe that J.J. Abrams is the perfect choice and I am sure that with the help of Disney he will take the saga to infinity and beyond.

That is why I have decided to invest all my savings in the pursue of my dream. You only have one chance like this in a lifetime, and if you don’t try hard, you’ll never know if you can really make it. I would love to act as an extra or help in any way I can. I have worked as a graphic designer (www.elssons.com) for 12 years now, and I also write about cinema (www.findelahistoria.com).

Explain your $10.000 worth dream

Be brave and send an email to mydream@tenthousandfor.com explaining which would be your dream worth 10.000 dollars. You never know what can happen, maybe someone on the other side of the world can help you to make your dream come true.

I will post every dream received !

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